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Caribbean Dream

Start date: 28-6-2018
Decriptions: Do you know that the Caribbean basin includes almost 7000 the most beautiful islands? Do you know that many of them are uninhabited even to this day? For the fans of pirate romance visiting any of these islands can be compared with the addition of a precious pearl to the collection, moreover it is the countries of the Caribbean region that open incredible prospects for far-sighted investors and are a quiet and reliable tax haven for businessmen from all over the world. Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the moment when a small sailboat of an unknown investment and construction company with the romantic name of “Caribbean dream”, descended to water in one of the northern ports and
Plan - 1
Max spend: 300$
Min spend: 10$
Payments: 1% daily
Period: 20 day(s)
Principal return: Yes(after the end of period)
Real profit: 1% day

Referal Bonus: 1%
Perfect Money

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